Thursday, 23 June 2011

Second Post…Publicity Awaits

Hey! I’m expecting maybe a couple of more readers this time since I am sending out a slight self-plug :P
If you have just come here…Greetings from the void!

Last night…I didn’t sleep too well…I actually drifted off in English earlier and took that opportunity to sleep :\
I was thinking over…All the “Weird shit going down”  where Markus is concerned.
I’m still undecided on if I believe.
I mean…Honestly…What are the chances of an imaginary eldritch being stalking my newfound best friend?
Then again, Markus (as I am fairly sure you are reading this)
I do think someone is fucking with you, to put it bluntly, and I will try my best to find out who it is.

Ugh…This is not exactly coming out as I had planned it to :S

Hopefully I will post again in the near future, however I must play the good host for my Swedish friends who are staying with me for a while!

Hardly Convinced- Kyle

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