Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Greetings from The Nether (and thoughts on a friend)

Greetings! I am Kyle- Average Joe pessimist, humourous hug lover and proffesional hat wearer!

You may or may not recognise me from such movies as "004steps-clip 6" and- well...That is about it right now folks!

I'm going to presume any readers I gain come from my large fanbase that has spawned since my debut appearance. My premier so to speak :P

And since you all obviously love me because of that...You may probably get the vague idea of what I am like...

And that brings me to Markus.

Markus is an interesting character. All in all I like him... However he has these little... moments that put me off a teensy bit.

Then I saw his vlog.

This is either the most detailed prank pulled on me ever...Or genuine...

I don't know what I want to believe right now.
I mean...I have been into the SlenderMan Mythos for a few months now...but to suggest it is all real?

consider my headaches to be twice as frequent xD

Anyway...I may or may not blog again tomorrow...It all depends

Fare thee well- Kyle

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