Monday, 27 June 2011

Feelin’ hot hot hot…

So the weather has made a turn for the bright side…Too hot for me to stay outside for more than 5 minutes :\
Markus is quite recently…But he seems to be ok (I hope)
I am just sitting and waiting for whoever this arsehole is to make a move.
But now I think about it… the distortion… How did it get onto the finished videos?
I need to ask if it was distorted during filming as well…That might help me solve this mystery.
I hope to be making another starring appearance on YouTube, however…I will make sure I am wearing some sort of hat xD
Generally I am well…I can’t find the drive to sleep but the internet cures that (I hope)
I mean…my mother was an insomniac so I doubt it is an issue… Can you inherit insomnia?
Meh…never mind

Writing this blog post on his laptop during a science lesson because he is just that awesome- Kyle

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