Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween

The clock has just ticked over to that joyous day...barrier between the living and the dead being at its thinnest and all that shit.

Recently I have begun feeling increasingly down. Things just dont seem to go right any more. My homework has been falling behind, my grades are presumably falling and frankly I cant cope with it all anymore.

I dont feel comfortable going outside as much as I used to...when I do I continue to put on the happy expression and cheery manner...but I just dont feel alive any more.

I have more friends then I expected to, however...and that I am grateful for... I even got invited to a party ( Picture of my in a dress included)

But I left feeling worthless, dead inside. I was left with my drink in a corner while all my friends got together/sought alchohol/descended upon food.


Life goes on I suppose