Sunday, 17 July 2011

Thoughts and speculations

sorry I have not blogged for a while. Not realy had much to commen on...My birthday was yesterday...I got an ipad and am expecting a play station one (win)

Apart from that...all seemed rather hollow... Took a a couple of friends and I met up with my mother. Went to see harry potter which was fairly awesome. Markus would not come. That just made it feel...empty...Maybe even gave me a feelin of guilt.

Apparently he is going off on holiday... Maybe that will renew his parents relationship and calm him down etc... If my theory is correct then maybe this will help.

I think that maybe what triggered ol' slendy to come back to him after those few years was the stress. Think of it in the context of the poltergiest phenomina. In many cases such entities present themselves in periods of high emotion; Stress, anger, sadness.

just more thoughts...and it wont help but...

You can never know.

On another you may have gathered I do follow "The Mythos" (Can I call it that any more? Yes...a lot of it may be fictional but such a title implies that it is all merely a makes my head hurt) and I have also been keeping tabs on that whole "Seven Trials of HABIT" stuff... I have successfully downloaded the level and... interesting shit...

I am yet to use that password to download the other files content... Any one know what it contains?

Oh...and I filmed a bit of one of my walks...I may put it up here :)

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