Friday, 1 July 2011

I want answers

I am emailing this "The Veil" creep.

Fuck The Consequences


  1. The who? Have I missed something?

  2. Right...Basically Markus set up his own "twitter" thing a while back. I can't remember the finer details but some sort of fucking puzzle shit as left on a drawing or something. There was some sort of base 64 (or something...Coding is not my thing) encoded message that had an email for this guy. Let me link the picture:
    Some guy emailed him and got some random ominous message apparently...

    If you want to try yourself his email is

    I think he might be behind this...

    I'm waiting for an answer from this

    1. you probably have progressed quite a bit further than you are where I am (looking at the videos and these entries), but the "w"s on a bunch of these cryptic messages look a lot more like lower-case omegas, used in rotational shenanigans in Physics.
      Just in case it helps any.

  3. Ugh...sorry for the masses of mistakes...RAEG TYPING!

    I'm just going to frolic in my hats and drink some coke xD