Wednesday, 31 August 2011

General updation

Is updation a word? It should be. I like that word a lot.

Oi, Oxford? Put that in your dictionary!

Anywho...OT as they say... Things are good. I have an audition for a major BBC program which pilots on christmas day... and my parrot has stopped biting me!

Oh, and we hit 140 subscribers this week. I am fighting back appreciative tears xD

So...Markus just uploaded a little slideshow of pictures from his holiday.

I have THREE NOTES ON THAT MATTER. Not Two, not Four...FIVE IS WAY OUT! (Cookies for those who understand :P)

1: My holiday was vastly more exciting
2:Markus cannot take pictures for shit
and 3: There is a recurring dude in a trenchcoat hovering around.


Well...That is just a theory but... I shall raise the issue with him... There is probably a perfectly rational explanation...I mean...the isle of wight is a small place full of inbreds

Well... My updation is over...CYAZ

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